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Make money from dead leads!If you're a licensed Florida Realtor who knows that a Blackberry isn't just something that goes in a pie, and if you understand the Orlando condo world (you'll need to know the difference between a hard 15-day contract and a hard boiled egg) then we'd love to hear from you. Former on-site condo agents especially welcome.

Condo Metropolis is a dynamic, web 2.0 brokerage, that understands the power of the internet. If you'd like to learn about blogging, online marketing and lead generation and capture, it might be time to leave the old school - and get with the new!

The best part is we pay 90% commission on your own sales but will also help you with Company leads (70% commission paid). For select, seasoned Orlando Realtors we will try to match your current brokerage arrangements up to and including 100% commission.

Call us on: 407-290-3408 or email: Admin@CondoMetropolis.com



We all know that despite your best efforts there will be some clients for whom your community just isn't right.

Perhaps it's the location; maybe you don't have enough closet space or square footage; or maybe they just don't like it.

Sometimes your sales skills will help turn them around, but all too often you'll watch them walk out the door - and despite what your sales supervisor may tell you - there ain't a whole lot you can do about it - however good you are.

Nothing is more frustrating for an onsite real estate agent than watching a well motivated and financially qualified buyer walk away because your product isn't right for them.

So why not make those leads work for you?

Refer your dead leads to Condo Metropolis because if your community isn't right for them - we'll help find them the one that is - and we'll pay you a referral fee!

So rummage through those old registration cards and make your contacts pay off - before it's too late! Because when times are hard, you need all the help you can get. And if you refer just one or two serious leads a month, you could add another thousand dollars to your paycheck.

To refer a lead: Email us at: Info@CondoMetropolis.com - or if you'd prefer to call, dial (407) 290-3408.


If you have bulk condo buyer contacts who have "passed" on your community, we may still be able to find them the right bulk buy - and referral fees can be hefty if we got their contact info from you!

What's New With Your Community Sales Efforts?

New pricing or incentives? Don't forget to send us your news and press releases for our blog!